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Last chance for @MSCecolabel to stand up for sharks and require Fins Naturally Attached in all fisheries interacting with sharks – no exemptions!

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The Marine Stewardship Council must ensure that all sharks are landed with Fins Naturally Attached… No exemptions! Join the call for a #FinFreeMSC

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Our call to action!

Given the long implementation time for changes this may be the last opportunity for MSC to demonstrate ‘zero tolerance’ and minimise any chance of shark finning happening in certified fisheries. We call to MSC to show it is serious about protecting the future of sharks and our oceans by introducing a requirement for Fins Naturally Attached.

Join us, and other stakeholders in calling on the MSC to revise its Standard such that:

The Fins Naturally Attached requirement must apply at all scoring guideposts regardless of whether the sharks are classified as primary, secondary, or ETP species in the assessment;

During assessment, all fisheries that interact with sharks should be subject to an evaluation of the level of risk (low, medium, or high) of finning occurring in the fishery, on the basis of objective, verifiable criteria such as target species, gear type, and fishing region;


Shark populations globally are on the brink of collapse under the pressure of overfishing with an estimated 63 – 273 million sharks killed each year.

This collapse is driven, in part, by the lucrative global market for shark fins which incentivises the practice of ‘finning’ whereby fins are cut off sharks which are often then discarded and left to die in the water.

It is now well established that a Fins Naturally Attached policy (requiring that fishers must bring sharks to port in one piece, with their fins still attached to their bodies) is the only truly effective means of banning shark finning.

Fins Naturally Attached is a world-best practice in fisheries management and has been adopted by jurisdictions around the world, including 44% of the world’s top shark finning nations, yet it is still not required by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ecolabel.

This is completely inconsistent with MSC’s statement that “there remains a zero tolerance approach to shark finning in MSC certified fisheries”.

MSC must seize the opportunity provided by its ongoing Fisheries Standard Review to introduce Fins Naturally Attached as a prerequisite for certification in all fisheries interacting with sharks – without exemptions!

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